Important news from us at WindFlower Studio

To all who have supported us and enjoyed our work over the years,

First of all, thank you. Thanks to all of you, we've enjoyed an incredible four years; we've
had some big jobs that were hugely unexpected and real honours to work on, and even though
the studio has been a little quieter in recent times we've all been busy working on some
pretty cool personal projects that you'll no doubt see turning up online soon (if they
haven't already).

Unfortunately, things change with time, and we've come to the decision that WindFlower
Studio as an entity has rolled to a natural conclusion in its illustrious life. We will all be continuing
to work under independent names instead of the studio umbrella, so please be assured that
you haven't seen the last of any of us. So it is with sadness (but excitement for the future) that
we bid you all farewell! To keep up with us as individuals, please use the links below to stay in touch.

Thanks for the ride, guys, and hopefully we'll see you all soon under new banners at the next cons!

- WindFlower Studio

Our new homes online:
Fez Baker at
Kit Buss at AnemoneInk
Nina-Serena at Nina-Serena
Alex Newton at email only